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The Old Pharmacy

Emil Eve are currently undertaking the sensitive refurbishment of ‘The Old Pharmacy’, a Grade II listed property in Bruton, Somerset. The building contained the village pharmacy for almost 200 years and there are remains of structures on the site dating from the 16th Century. The front facade was rebuilt in the 18th century, along with many other facades on High Street, with stone reclaimed from Bruton Abbey.

Emil Eve’s scheme introduces new commercial and residential uses for the cluster of historic buildings. The design retains the historic character of the building whilst offering a long-term vision for the sustainable re-use of the significant heritage site.

The alterations allow for a rationalised floor plan for both commercial and residential use. Sensitive refurbishment works were carried out to the facade and a new compact loft stair has been designed to access historic servants’ quarters on the second floor. A contemporary courtyard extension, clad in burnt timber boarding to compliment the Tudor timber frame, creates a generous family living area.


the old pharmacy 1
the old pharmacy 1
the old pharmacy 02
the old pharmacy 03
the old pharmacy 03b
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