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Emil Eve Architects

51 Regent Studios
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London, E8 4QN

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Emil Eve Architects

How we work


Our approach always begins with the client. We love meeting people and collaborating closely to deliver spaces that work for them and their needs.

We carefully consider and respond to the specific context of each project – the surrounding built and natural environment as well as any planning constraints.

We oversee all our projects from inception to completion and provide a full architecture and interior design service, including bathrooms, kitchens and internal finishes. We are passionate about craftsmanship and natural materials and particularly enjoy working with skilled makers and tradespeople.

Alongside our technical and design knowledge, our extensive experience allows us to interrogate and refine the brief while remaining pragmatic. Once the design has been developed we are adept at co-ordinating with other specialists, anticipating issues and managing deadlines and budgets to ensure that the build stays on track.

We know that starting a major build or renovation can be daunting and are happy to offer upfront advice to assist you in choosing the right direction for your project. Please contact us directly to arrange a design consultation.

“Emil Eve are incredibly collaborative and creative, and we found it a joy to work with them. Together with them, we created a brief and they reached a design that was smart, beautiful and achievable.”
Cat, Client, Narford Road

“Ross and Emma spent a considerable amount of time understanding how we use our space and challenging us to consider how our needs may evolve in the future. They understood that we were not just asking them to design a house; we were asking them to help us create our home.”
Sharon, Client, Waghorn Street