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Emil Eve Architects

Glyn Road

When Kate Hawkins, founder of CommonRoom, a wallpaper and homewares brand, approached Emil Eve the house was dark, dated and unloved. As with all their projects, Emil Eve worked closely with Kate and her husband Sam to generate an approach to the project which would encapsulate the family’s love of light, pattern and colour.

As well as creating a warm, functional and joy-filled family home for the couple and their two young sons, the house also needed to accommodate a studio workspace for Kate and her team to make, market and sell their popular range of wallpapers and interiors products.

Through the addition of a large rear extension volume, Emil Eve created a large open-plan kitchen and dining room bathed in natural light from two expansive rooflights. The playful brick bond of the extension volume hints at the richly patterned interior within. Beyond the soft neutral pallete of the ground floor, colour and pattern reigns. CommonRoom wallpapers, textiles and artworks are brought together with a curated range of paint colours and furnishings - the house is the ultimate showroom for the brand, demonstrating how their products can be used to create bright, contemporary homes.

Photography: Mariell Lind Hansen

House & Gardens

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